Avtolux Azerbaijan LLC was founded in 2012 to make the world’s most popular cars accessible to Azerbaijani consumers. The company that started its activities by introducing the Ferrari brand, the desire of millions, to the residents of Baku, has also brought the Ferrari Store to our city along with cars to enable fans of the super sports car to feel themselves part of the brand. The second success of the company is to bring other Italian brands, Automobili Lamborghini and Collezione Automobili Lamborghini which are currently the major players in the Azerbaijani car market. Continuing its brand range with Aston Martin, Autolux Azerbaijan has become an official representative of 7 other brands – Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Fiat Professional and Jeep – belonging to the FCA Group in 2017. The company’s representative office and technical service centers, which provide technical service for all brand ranges for convenience of customers, are located in the heart of the city. Masters of the Company, with more than 80 employees, are trained by brands, and are constantly sent to factories to get acquainted with innovations. Autolux Azerbaijan is committed to continuously expanding its brand range and keeping its quality as a priority.

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ACME provides all the solutions you need to grow your next generation distribution center